Wi-Fi Calling. Is your Network Ready?

With the Wi-Fi Calling standard, all Telco’s are already off-loading voice calls from their carrier grade mobile networks to your Wi-Fi network.

That’s right – the in-building business Wi-Fi that you’ve deployed is now automatically a  Telco’s extension and further distribution of in-building mobile coverage for mobile voice calls.

Google your Telco and “Wi-Fi Calling” and check out all those search results for friendly easy to follow FAQs to encourage your adoption.

Wi-Fi Calling is here now. The quality of your property’s Wi-Fi enables the critical initial hops – from user’s mobile call over wireless to access point, then across your network, and out across your internet connection.

Supported natively in recent generations of Apple and Android smartphones. Whether by behaviour (smartphone user preferring  Wi-Fi to mobile data), or by necessity (low mobile signal strength), Wi-Fi Calling over your WLAN is now also the primary access method for voice.

We know the world is wireless-first for data. Voice – welcome on-board the WLAN.

“Over The Top” (OTT) voice services like Skype are old news. What’s new and different with Wi-Fi Calling is the native smartphone dialer with iOS and Android operating system support.

A defining advancement with native Mobile Network Operator adoption and network support – is the user won’t know or care if the mobile phone uses the mobile network (as in days of yore), or your Wi-Fi network – to make the call.

You’re Welcome, Telco

To be fair to Telcos – with their instant extended in-building coverage, courtesy of everyone but them – everybody wins. By investing in Wi-Fi Calling ready WLANs – property owners and managers may elect to avoid installing DAS, with duplicated base station infrastructure for each mobile network operator (MNO). Or Small Cells installations for each MNO.

Australia is not a particularly neutral-host enlightened MNO environment, so Wi-Fi Calling becomes even more attractive, given it’s neutral-host characteristics by default. Quite a feat to get around the eminently sensible multi-operator Mexican stand-off (nope, no Carlos Slim references here). Each smartphone auto-establishes their own IPSec tunnel over Wi-Fi Calling to their Wi-Fi Calling enabled MNO. Congratulations, your Wi-Fi network is neutral-host, multi-operator ready.

This makes Wi-Fi Calling a much less expensive solution to the property owner. Of course some of those savings will go towards addressing the rigorous demands of voice over Wi-Fi.

Your office WLAN system will need to ramp up what you consider your baselines are for received signal strength and signal to noise. Your wireless and wired networks now require the ability to prioritize Wi-Fi Calling voice traffic end to end.

Wi-Fi planning and design for voice is non-trivial, and now non-optional.