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Build it and they will come

No they won’t.

Not the amount of visitors you’ll need to convert into customers.

And then website traffic is not enough – even when the traffic starts coming in. You need targeted traffic to acquire customers. Plus the conversion rate optimisation know-how to turn the traffic into revenue.

How do you get more business online?

How do you increase traffic, and turn more of your traffic into conversions?

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

If you want potential customers to search for you and actually find you then welcome to the best performing online marketing channel – Organic search.

SEO is the catch-all label used to describe the non-negotiable search marketing activities.

How to SEO? What do you need to do? Well, lots of things. SEO hasn’t a reputation for a lot of moving parts for nothing.

Organic Search Dominates

Search is the dominant source of web traffic

Organic search is the dominant source of trackable web traffic, and the largest digital channel. At 53% of all website traffic. Also – B2B generates twice as much revenue from organic search compared to other digital marketing channels. According to to BrightEdge research.

BrightEdge Channel Report 2019

Where is my website traffic?

How do you get yourself some of that web traffic?

Without not only traffic – but traffic that wants your service or product – you’ve got no chance. No chance for visitors to your website into become leads, customers, and generate revenue.

SEO is how:

  1. Future customers discover your website. When they google for you service or product, your website is easier to find because of improved ranking position.
  2. Future customers are guided with crystal clear intention through your website to perform an action (conversion). Actions which take them forward on your crafted buyers journey.

Remember – SEO is also how your competitors acquire customers.

The other digital marketing channels? Yes all are super important – social media, paid social media, mobile marketing, email marketing, paid search, and other. All critical. Do them – we can help. But SEO is the heavy hitter in this company.

Kickstart your SEO

Kickstart your SEO strategy with a free guided SEO consultation. Together we’ll do business discovery, and create a roadmap of SEO action items. It’s the first meaningful step to an ongoing SEO strategy which gets you more organic traffic, and more conversions.

We improve your Google ranking and Bing ranking by delivering impeccable technical SEO foundations, establishing your backlinks strategy, and building content to precisely match search intent. All in compliance with Google’s guidelines.

Lets talk about customer acquisition strategies for your website

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