Making the Move to an All-Wireless Office

The best time to make the move to an all-wireless office is when your business is going through change. Your business may be renovating, expanding, or moving. You may be experiencing growth, upheaval, transformation.

Any kind of organizational change is the right time to seriously consider the capital savings, security, speed, and robustness of a 802.11ac based enterprise-grade wireless Wi-FI solution for your primary network access.

We’ll always emphasise how we position what constitutes a wireless-only office. Reality dictates of course it’s never wireless-only. Ethernet cable runs are always necessary for supporting the wireless infrastructure.

There are always going to be use-cases and scenarios where running network cables is sometimes routinely unavoidable, and sometimes just wise. There are too many applications in too many departments in too many industry verticals to make all or nothing statements about 100% wireless environments.

So an all-wireless office is really an all-wireless experience, and not a way to pedantically describe the ratio of wireless to wired network connections. This will be different for every organisation and department.

Look at a Wi-Fi only office as a mobile-first enabled digital workplace for your already mobile-first talent.

The clear business benefits, in concert with the rapid advances in 802.11 wireless technology are aligning today with your mobile-first talent. Wi-Fi can be what it’s now expected to be – the default network access medium.

Wi-Fi is everywhere else

Wi-Fi is everywhere else. The enterprise is the last hold-out to pervasive wireless. There is a perfectly understandable reticence with a view in the rear-vision mirror to security and control, performance, and reliability.

Now everyone is mobile-first, the expectation is always-on anytime anywhere ubiquitous wireless access.

Today, asking talent to make their career play out each day for a fixed amount of time at a fixed location is taking a gamble on their loyalty and tenure. The ability to work from any location at any time – inside or outside the office is an important enabler of staff engagement, and based on an all-wireless digital office.